Tiny House on Wheels Communities and Freedom

Welcome to the New American Dream Project at GoTinyBeFree.com!

A movement to facilitate freedom through Tiny Houses and Tiny House on Wheels Communities

Our MISSION: To facilitate the information, resources and means to Americans seeking to attain real freedom – the New American Dream – utilizing Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) Building and creating Tiny House on Wheels Communities

(Note: video above from early 2015…)

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New Tiny House on Wheels Community for the Huntsville-area!
Learn more at TheCottagesAtPineLake.com


“Tiny Houses” is a huge emerging trend – and for good reason! Many Americans are frustrated with not being able to achieve the American Dream they were sold – most are in fact living the American Nightmare!

We want to change that.

We want Americans to be able to achieve and live the dream of freedom they believed in.

That’s why we are creating the “New American Dream Project” – an initiative to provide real freedom to Americans through Tiny House on Wheels Communities and Tiny House Living.  Because you deserve to be free and we want to help you live that dream, reduce your monthly housing expenses, increase your disposable income, travel and be more mobile and live the dream that you deserve.

Wherever you are along that path, whatever stage of the process you’re at, we want to help empower you to take the next step, learn more and continue moving forward to freedom.  We hope you enjoy the free resources we’ve put together for you and hope to see you at one of our upcoming GoTinyBeFree Tiny House on Wheels properties or events…


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We are in the process of developing this site so come back here often and check with our facebook page above for the latest news and information.  We are also in the process of producing a YouTube Video channel & podcast for the Tiny House community to bring together Tiny House builders, innovators, events, feature Tiny House dwellers and share their stories, provide resources and of course share the latest information on our intentional community project, The New American Dream Project, to facilitate tiny houses and freedom!  Lots more to come!  Stay tuned!


Hans Schoff, the founder, pictured above in 2015 in the middle of building his Luxury Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) – a 32-foot Gooseneck trailer with an 8.5-foot deck over the gooseneck totaling over 40 feet (~400sf, including the loft).  You can follow Hans’ Tiny House build progress by clicking here.

In the meantime, here are some good blog posts you may want to read up on:

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  1. Would love to know the manufacturer of the trailer
    After we finish are off grid container home and sell it we want a gooseneck but not quiet as big as yours lol we are thinking 20ft with 7 ft neck


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