About GoTinyBeFree – Tiny Houses on Wheels and Freedom

About Tiny Houses & Tiny House on Wheels

GoTinyBeFree came about as the realization of a solution to many of the problems myself and many others have been frustrated with over the years in terms of reducing the restrictions and limitations placed upon us (some even unknowingly self-imposed!).

GoTinyBeFree is all about being able to live that freedom lifestyle, to get more out of life

What exactly is a Tiny House?

 About the New American Dream Project & Tiny House Communities

Why us?  Why are we leading this project?  Who are we?

I’m a freedom-loving American, just like you, always on the lookout for ways to get MORE out of life.  With that in mind, I prefer to share these rough, off-the-cuff unscripted videos with you so you can see I’m a real person.  I’m sure we’ve shared some of the same struggles, been frustrated with many of the same issues which is why I’m excited to share this solution of tiny house living and tiny house communities as a way to maximize and really get the most out of life.  This is a community project which I’m happy to use my previous life and work experiences to take the lead on and pass the torch to others who want to contribute and join this vision with us…

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