First 24 hours living “Tiny” in the TaHOW 40-foot Gooseneck Tiny House on Wheels

Finally, after over an entire year of construction and building, “move in” day took place in the 40-foot long, 400 square foot gooseneck tiny house on wheels, aka the #TaHOW…

New Tiny Micro Wind Turbine Technology for Off-grid Living, 24-7 Power Generation, Backup Battery Charging

Are you running off Micro Wind Turbine Power yet?  If not, why not? No doubt you are familiar with solar power (PV solar panels) as a means for living off grid, and generating power in a green, regenerative way.  But the truth is, solar power isn’t quite there yet for most people and most common … Read more

Is Building your own Tiny House on Wheels worth it?

Building a tiny house on wheels is a lot of work! Is building one worth it? Or should you hire it out or buy an existing tiny house on wheels?

Building a 32-foot Gooseneck Luxury Tiny House on Wheels (Part 1 – Trailer Modifications)

It has begun! However, I’m sending the trailer back to the trailer dealer so they can flash the whole underside of the trailer and paint it to keep the elements out (road grime, water, snow, ice, salt, insects, etc, etc) from getting in under my house as I drive (and while stationary).  This flashing also gives … Read more

GoTinyBeFree “Tiny House on Wheels” Building Workshops – NOW AVAILABLE!

Want to go tiny, but don’t feel you have the knowledge, know-how, skills, or confidence to do it? We’ve got you covered: GoTinyBeFree Tiny House on Wheels Building Workshop – Tickets Now Available!

Building a 32-foot Gooseneck Luxury Tiny House on Wheels (Part 0 – Trailer Intro)

The details and specs of my 32-foot gooseneck tiny house trailer, including pictures and video…

Why a tiny house community – is it even necessary?

If you’re relatively new to the Tiny House thing, perhaps you’re wondering WHY a Tiny House Community (or tiny house subdivision, tiny house village, tiny house co-housing situation, etc) is even necessary… Here’s the thing: tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) is a relatively new thing.  Smaller houses of course were the norm and used to … Read more

Tiny House Build – Work Day 3 – Installing my Tiny House Gooseneck Trailer Subfloor (THOW)

Installing the 3/4″ OCB subfloor sheets down to my 32-foot Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer (THOW)…

How to pay for a tiny house build or tiny house purchase (and afford to travel without a job)

Want your own tiny house and to live the tiny house freedom lifestyle? Here’s how to fund it – and your tiny house journey, wherever you go – without a job…

Tiny House Build – Work Day 2 – Insulating my Tiny House Gooseneck Trailer Subfloor with Spray Foam

Got the subfloor of my tiny house insulated with spray foam and shot a short video with Bob, the owner of the company, about spray foam and insulation pros and cons for tiny houses…