Building a 32-foot Gooseneck Luxury Tiny House on Wheels (Part 1 – Trailer Modifications)

It has begun!

However, I’m sending the trailer back to the trailer dealer so they can flash the whole underside of the trailer and paint it to keep the elements out (road grime, water, snow, ice, salt, insects, etc, etc) from getting in under my house as I drive (and while stationary).  This flashing also gives the closed-cell spray foam something to spray to and actually seal up any gaps between metal sheets, etc (subfloor OSB will be installed directly on top of the steel cross-members, maximizing my vertical interior height in my tiny house and providing a very solid flooring system).

Here’s a little step by step of what I was doing to get it ready for the flashing.

Tiny House Trailer Preparation for underside flashing

IMG_4184 IMG_4186

I took 2×8’s and stapled on some polyurethane foam strips were the wood be in contact with the metal trailer frame (because it would help reduce thermal bridging and was easy).  I then screwed them into place on the sides of the trailer, attaching them to the angle iron on the sides.

This again allowed to close in the floor cavity from top to bottom (sheet metal on the bottom and angle iron on the top) and gave me a few inches still under the angle iron to secure future all-threads, screws and/or bolts to secure the walls to the trailer in the future.

See the pictures to get a better idea of what I mean.

The wall sheathing will then cover this remaining exterior gap between the angle iron and the sheet metal flashing, closing that in as well.

   IMG_4190  IMG_4188  IMG_4195

Here’s the final product once I got my trailer back again from the manufacturer who installed the rear jacks and flashing underneath.  The 24 awg flashing was very strong, strong enough that you could walk on it.  I then put the front stabliziers down and the rear jacks to level the trailer and get it ready for insulation and subflooring which you’ll find in the next post.

IMG_4263 IMG_4262 IMG_4259

IMG_4265 IMG_4268 IMG_4264

IMG_4192  IMG_4258  IMG_4274

Thanks for reading – what do you think so far?

Let me know in the comments below (video was a little shaky, I know… lol).

I appreciate you!

– Hans Schoff

Hans and tiny house trailer

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