Why a tiny house community – is it even necessary?

If you’re relatively new to the Tiny House thing, perhaps you’re wondering WHY a Tiny House Community (or tiny house subdivision, tiny house village, tiny house co-housing situation, etc) is even necessary… Here’s the thing: tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) is a relatively new thing. ¬†Smaller houses of course were the norm and used to … Read more

Tiny House Build – Work Day 3 – Installing my Tiny House Gooseneck Trailer Subfloor (THOW)

Installing the 3/4″ OCB subfloor sheets down to my 32-foot Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer (THOW)…

My Tiny House Journey Begins! Got my 32-foot Tiny House Trailer!

Quick video featuring my new Tiny House Trailer! (and where you can get more info, pics, video and updates about it…)

Quality vs Quantity – Tiny House vs Traditional Home

Not all homes are created equal! Learn more about the true quality and craftsmanship that goes into Tiny Houses versus more traditional type housing…