How to pay for a tiny house build or tiny house purchase (and afford to travel without a job)

The perks and benefits of the Tiny House Lifestyle are clear: FREEDOM!

(not one freedom, but many FREEDOMS!)

So, how can one begin the Tiny House journey if they’re short on funds?

(Because obviously it costs money to purchase or build your own tiny house)

And while many expenses can be  dramatically reduced or even eliminated, life still costs money – especially if you want to maximize the Tiny House Lifestyle and live a rich, full life…

So, how do you make money when you’re traveling around in your tiny house without a job?

Watch the video below now to learn how…

Click here for the video to learn the short cut…


I appreciate you!

– Hans Schoff



Tiny House Build – Work Day 2 – Insulating my Tiny House Gooseneck Trailer Subfloor with Spray Foam

Got the subfloor of my tiny house insulated with spray foam the other day!

Here’s a short video I made with Bob, the owner of the company, as they were spraying the foam (only took 90 minutes for them to do the whole 40 feet, ready for the OCB subflooring!).

I hope you enjoyed the additional information about in the video above about insulating a tiny house with spray foam insulation, whether open cell or closed cell insulation.

One other thing Bob forgot to mention was how environmentally friendly this stuff now is.

It costs him a little more to provide this superior product, but its important to him that this foam be non-toxic and it degrades with simple ultra-violet light (so make sure you cover your insulation from the sun or it will start to disappear on you!).

It’s really good stuff.  More pics and info will be available on my gotinybefree blog here.

If you’d like to know more about the company or have any questions, let me know in the comments below or send me a message here on facebook, I’m happy to share more about it.I appreciate you.

– Hans Schoff


PS> If you’re looking for a way to finance your tiny house living and travels, check this out – click here.

Tiny House Build – Work Day 1 – Preparing Trailer for Underside Flashing

It has begun!

However, I’m sending the trailer back to the trailer dealer so they can flash the whole underside of the trailer and paint it to keep the elements out from under my house as I drive and while stationary as well as give the spray foam something to spray to (subfloor OSB will be installed directly on top of the steel cross-members, maximizing my vertical interior height in my tiny house).

More details on my tiny house build at

Thanks for watching – what did you think of my video?

Let me know in the comments below (a little shaky, I know… lol).

I appreciate you!

– Hans Schoff


PS> Interested in the Tiny House Lifestyle but don’t know how to finance a Tiny House build?  This video and blog post may help…

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