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Tiny House AirBnbs In Huntsville You Can Stay at when visiting The Cottages at Pine Lake (Until “The Cottages” AirBnbs Lots ready)

If you’re wanting to visit Huntsville, Alabama and get a jump on familiarizing yourself with the local area or if you’re still trying to decide if living at The Cottages at Pine Lake is right for you… come stay in one of these Rocket City Airbnbs for a night or two or a week or however long you plan to be in town and start practicing living Tiny!

Retiring in 3 months to a New Tiny Home Development near Huntsville, AL – 1st Visit, property tour

Mary visited the property for the first time after buying her new #IncredibleTinyHome and securing her Phase 1 Forest lot to get a tour and ask some questions as she prepares to retire in less than 3 months and #gotinybefree !

Hear her story and what she thinks about it all (no script, no preparation, just walking and talking… forgive the sometimes poor camera angles of the raw footage).