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Latest News: 10-23-23 Update Summary!

There’s never a dull moment with Incredible Tiny Homes! We launched the Huntsville-area Tiny House Community “The Cottages at Pine Lake” only last Tuesday evening – barely 6 days ago – and Randy Jones, owner of Incredible Tiny Homes is coming up with new ways (and new homes!) to get people into tiny houses – and onto “The Cottages at Pine Lake” property even faster!

Randy just announced tonight (more details coming soon) that in order to speed up the delivery of his tiny homes to eager future tiny housers, he’s coming up with 2 New versions of his RJO & Incred-I-Cottage Tiny Homes that he’ll be able to deliver FASTER – within as few as 6 weeks – to new purchasers of future residents of our Alabama tiny house community property…

Other homes he offers, like the MODEL line homes currently built in Kentucky by the Amish are taking only 10 weeks or so currently (though a little pricier due to the finish of these homes). The new WOODY RJO & WOODY Incred-I-Cottage (actual model names to be announced soon) will be stick-built versions of the RJO & Incred-I-Cottage to take advantage of the additional capacity the Amish have to get more homes built while the production lines in Newport, TN finish up the metal panel RJOs and a run of Incred-I-Cottages (and the next batch of Incred-I-Box 2.0s, and RJO 2024s… – lots going on!)

This is exciting news, especially for those wanting to move sooner onto the Huntsville-area Tiny Home Community, where development on Phase 1 is expected to take a number of weeks to completion and Phase 2 a number of months. Be sure to stay tuned for more details of these new homes (website will be updated once these become available, price details, etc).

If you missed the last ITH LIVE video from 10-23-23…

…here’s an edited (shortened) version with the segments directly relating to “The Cottages at Pine Lake” Tiny House Community and live Q&A about the property and development:

Incredible Tiny House Order Request for “The Cottages at Pine Lake”

Fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you to get the rest of your information for your order


Tiny house questions

If you saw the full unedited 10-23-23 ITH LIVE video… a few corrections:

To clear up some confusion or misunderstanding of some things said in the latest ITH live, let me run down a few corrections (hard to get everything right on a LIVE broadcast!):

  • No rentals allowed on “The Cottages at Pine Lake” property; we’ve had a number of requests and concerns from people regarding the disruptions that can easily arise from homes in a community when rented to 3rd parties or on a short term basis. So in the interest of creating as harmonious and peaceful community as we can, we want to minimize the number of disturbances and uncertainties that rental properties can sometimes bring
  • Some tiny homes over 30ft long will be allowed – there are 4 lots in phase 1 for example where a home that long will fit – but most of the lots will not accommodate a home so large. There will only be a limited number of lots available for homes larger than 30 feet (like the Birmingham) so please get your tiny home package order in ASAP so we can secure that lot for you while they are still available
  • Offgrid: I personally have an offgrid 8×16 Incred-I-Box Tiny Home and I love it. Unfortunately, for this property, I don’t think it will do you any good. The vast majority of the property is heavily tree-covered, which will make solar panels virtually worthless here. Water catchment will work, but unless you plan on capturing, removing and dumping your gray or black water offsite, the waste water from your home still needs to go somewhere (and while I have no problem with you doing that, its a lot easier and cheaper just to pay for your sewer usage on the property and let us dispose of it). So feel free to spend the money to go offgrid (batteries will still work and give you a nice backup in case the power ever goes out), but otherwise on this property it won’t reduce your bills much, if at all, to have water catchment and solar panels…
    • But, here are 3 simple ways (hacks) to reduce your utility usage (future blog post coming with a ton more ideas!):
      1. Get a water-less / composting toilet like the natures head (full composting toilet) or the Seperatt (no compost required). I recommend the Seperatt as you don’t have to constantly remove the urine tank as urine is diverted into the system (not much waste volume there, its the water flushing that adds up); solid waste can be removed via trash bag and thrown into the dumpster (think of what you do when you change a baby’s poopy diaper, similar idea)
      2. Get a shower head with a button valve on it where you can simply push a button to stop the water from coming out while you apply shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc then push the button when you’re ready again for the water to rinse off – this could save you several gallons each day (unless you only shower once a week…per Randy’s last video suggestion… 😉
      3. Install a timer for your water heater so you’re not just heating water 24/7 when you’re only going to use it a few hours a day (typically first thing in the morning when you’re getting ready and in the evening when you’re washing dishes and getting ready for bed). You can imagine how much power you’d save when one of your largest appliances is only operating for 4 instead of 24 hours a day (water is still warm in tank for a while even when heater is not on, just not hot). Typically a pool timer is the kind of timer you would need hard-wired in, due to the amperage of the appliance (not just your usual 120v 15 amp outlet type).
      4. Or purchase an on-demand propane water heater that only uses gas (and very little electric) to heat water when you need it, versus keeping your water heater tank hot 24/7. You will consume propane and have to refill/exchange your propane tank every so often but on-demand propane is much more cost efficient than 24/7 electric tank heating (if you don’t have a timer as suggested in option 3 above).
      5. Don’t use your laundry machine in your tiny house, use our on-site commercial washers and dryers in our “tiny” laundry facility. Save that utility usage and relax in the “tiny” lounge next door while your laundry is going…

Quick aside: you can live in your tiny house however you see fit. If you prefer to use a lot of electricity and water and don’t care much what the bill is at the end of the month, more power to you, have at it! Enjoy yourself. That may be what tiny living is for you! We’re not here to tell you what to do or how to live, we want you to enjoy yourself, just providing a few tips for those who would like to cut their costs down even lower! But do as you will!

  • The nearest town to the property is Woodville, AL (no S in there)
  • Although this is a private property, you still can’t expose yourself (yes even here in Alabama…) or live like its a nudist colony (sorry again Randy… 🙂
  • We do allow pets! Same 2 dog limit as ITH’s other properties
  • Sheds/storage/out buildings: we have had some questions about what you can do on your lot area around your home. We want people to feel at home, decorate and landscape around their home and make it their space, by all means. But we also want to keep the property looking nice so if you need some additional storage, a shed or an out building, we will be building some kind of on-site storage facility depending on demand. Keep in mind you also have space underneath your home, behind the skirting where you can store things as well, privately and out of sight.
    • Additionally, based on demand, we may also look to build some store front / shared office space / work space areas (maybe above the mini storage units?) to be utilized on a varied fee structure based on usage / size (no plumbing) for those wanting a space to use for crafts, hobbies, projects, office activities, etc – things people like or need to do occasionally but not all the time where you don’t need to take up part of your living space for a part time activity.
  • As mentioned previously, there are no said lot lines, as each lot will vary some due to the size and types of homes in the community, what trees there are and where, other terrain/landscape features… the lot rent gives you access to utilize the land and access to the utilities but there isn’t a set boundary for each home; we will of course do our best to provide each lot in each phase with a similar amount of space around their home as their neighbors but we can guarantee the lots will all be different sizes, no 2 lots will be the same.

Lastly, Randy mentioned how similar our tagline and company name “GoTinyBeFree” is to the ITH tag line of “Choose Tiny, Live Free”; turns out great minds do think alike! For some background, the idea for our name and website came about back in December of 2014 when my friend Linda introduced me to the concept of Tiny Homes while visiting her “tiny home” in Idyllwild, CA, which right then and there clicked for me as to what a brilliant solution it was for so many things! And to her credit, she threw out the phrase “Go Tiny Be Free”, and immediately it resonated with me and perfectly personified the idea of what this Tiny House Movement is really all about at its core. I registered the website domain in 2015 and began on my journey to help show others how they could Go Tiny Be Free, my newfound mission in life!

Of course the rest is history, I went on to build my first Tiny House on Wheels in 2016 which my wife and I moved into and lived in for 2 years until pregnant with our first child (my wife wasn’t doing the loft anymore, lol). So we moved into a larger home better suited for kids (and with no stairs) and that initial TaHOW Tiny Home became the first of what are now 4 Tiny House Airbnb Rentals just outside Huntsville City limits (one of which is that 8×16 Incred-I-Box, which I now call the spROCKET Tiny House). All this, many Tiny House festivals and conferences and workshops and meetings and lots and lots of research and work has brought me to this point where we’re now able to bring about this new Huntsville-area 54-home Tiny Home on Wheels Community.

#GoTinyBeFree !

More updates and info and pics and videos to come, stay tuned! A lot can happen in just a day!

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    1. Within 5 days of the home being delivered, the home will be placed properly on its lot, fully set-up, blocked up & leveled, utilities connected, stairs to the front door. Your lease payment terms and 1 year will then begin from that point. Hope that helps!

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