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New Years 2024 Update – The Cottages at Pine Lake Tiny Home Community

Watch to see and hear what will be coming to The Cottages at Pine Lake in the next days, weeks and months here in this new 2024 year. Lots of videos “in the can” that just need to be edited and finalized, which was delayed by a temporary back injury caused while trying to teach my daughter to ski in 15″ of new snow…

Speaking of snow, Huntsville is forecast to get our annual dusting of snow in the next day or so… Stay tuned for more videos! Please subscribe here so you don’t miss out on future videos! And let me know your answer to my question to you in the video…

Thanks and Happy New Year from The Cottages at Pine Lake!

Incredible Tiny House Order Request for “The Cottages at Pine Lake”

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Tiny house questions

Stay tuned for the next update! It’s getting excited! #GoTinyBeFree !!

BTW, are you following us on facebook? Visit the NEW “The Cottages at Pine Lake” facebook page for info & announcements only regarding this property and development.

You can also follow our GoTinyBeFree facebook page for more tiny house updates and content as well

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