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So Now That You’re Going Tiny…

So you’re in: you took the plunge, you signed up for the adventure, you’ve bought your future tiny home and are probably in the process of still pairing down and getting ready to make the exciting move to a whole new way of life, and probably in a new location away from everyone you’ve ever known… Congratulations!

No doubt, its a daunting journey, its an unsettling feeling, an uncertain future… time to live a little right?!

We are excited for you. Living a simpler, freer life with more choices and options… its different but well worth it!

When I first went Tiny in 2015, Tiny homes wasn’t yet an accepted thing – it was kind of fringe. People hadn’t yet come to realize the many benefits and financial savings going Tiny could really bring you. Its true! You don’t need a mortgage, to spend all weekend cleaning, to insure/heat/cool/repair/upgrade/clean again/etc all this unnecessary space that usually goes unused most of the time anyway!

You can live smarter, more economically, more efficiently and free up that wasted energy, money and time to do things that you actually enjoy and make your life better!

But I don’t need to resell you on all this, you’re already going tiny – you just need to know… NOW WHAT? How do you prepare to start living Tiny?

First things first

First of all, make sure you have a home! Do you have a tiny home yet? Is it already built? Under contract to be built? Make sure that before you take reception/ownership of that home that it matches the description and/or details of the contract you have in place. It’s much easier to get those misunderstandings or miscommunications worked out BEFORE the home leaves to go with you… so you’re not having to work around or put your life on hold for weeks or months before an issue gets resolved (a tiny home is an intimate place – that one or more issues could drive you mad waiting to be resolved so best to get it sorted out beforehand). Be sure to request pictures to confirm any and all amenities you ordered are in place and that the home’s condition and finish matches your expectation as well!

Once you’ve confirmed the home your getting is the home you thought you were getting, now its time for some logistical activities:

  • Change your mailing address (may take up to 2 weeks before the post office recognizes your new address). Once you’re receiving mail, be sure to remember to update all your credit cards, bank account, and other important accounts with your new address so you get all your mail
  • Let your inner circle know! Let your friends and family know what’s going on and that you’ll be sharing pics and info about your going tiny journey… but it may take a minute to get settled! If you’re moving to a new tiny home community like The Cottages at Pine Lake in North Alabama, you may have never lived in Alabama before or know anyone there and so it can take a while to get your bearings in this new home, this new way of life, this new sized home where you have to figure out what’s most important to you and what you can get rid of, figure out your style for the home, get it decorated to your liking, and turn it into your new HOME! It won’t be the same day you get there!
  • Register your vehicle – in Alabama you have just under 30 days to register your vehicle for a new registration plate/tag before receiving an additional fee/fine. So head to the local Department of Public Safety (ie, DMV) and get your new driver’s license and vehicle tag.
  • Make sure you have insurance! These days most insurance companies have a specific tiny home policy. Some include traveling with your tiny house and/or just residing in place. The good news is, since the homes are so small, the premiums are pretty low
  • Banking – you may want to look at signing up for a new bank account with a local bank like Cadence Bank so you have a local branch you can easily walk into for help with your banking needs
  • Dogs – if you have a dog, be sure to get him/her a new dog tag with your new address (and update the microchip info if applicable)
  • Health care – check to see what coverage you have, what your premiums will be, and where you might need to go for health-related issues or checkups
  • Faith – look around to see what churches or places of worship you’d be interested in looking into that align with your faith or beliefs
  • Fun list! What things, attractions, places, events interest you? Make a list and schedule at least one day a week at your new location to begin exploring the area and trying new things; then share your experiences with your neighbors and ask them what experiences they’ve had so far to maximize your fun days!
  • Share your hobbies and skills! Let your new neighbors know what you’re into, what you’re good at and enjoy doing. You might be surprised what that could turn into down the line!

There’s a quick list to get you started. Let me know in the comments below any other suggestions you have to add to this list as I’m sure I’ve left a few things off. But most of all, have fun with it, enjoy it, give yourself some grace to adjust and learn the new way of life – and if you need help, ask for it! Tiny housers are eager to share their ideas, solutions and energy 🙂 #gotinybefree

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