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Tiny House AirBnbs In Huntsville You Can Stay at when visiting The Cottages at Pine Lake (Until “The Cottages” AirBnbs Lots ready)

If you’re wanting to visit Huntsville, Alabama and get a jump on familiarizing yourself with the local area or if you’re still trying to decide if living at The Cottages at Pine Lake is right for you… come stay in one of these Rocket City Airbnbs for a night or two or a week or however long you plan to be in town and start practicing living Tiny!

Perhaps you want to try a larger Tiny House like the 40-foot TaHOW Tiny House and see if its too big, perhaps you want less? You can also try the 8×16 Incred-I-Box out, decorated as the “spROCKET” in steam punk style and see if that’s too small…

Then you can also figure out what may be missing for your lifestyle; what appliances you could do without; what appliances or devices are a must; trying out certain spaces to figure out how to utilize them best; what styles do you like? Do you need an extra window? Would you like a deck? Will you fit all your stuff – do you need to continue your pair down process?

Staying in one of a few tiny houses will help you better prepare for going Tiny so you can maximize your comfort and joy living tiny!

Watch this short video of a few different tiny home short term rental /airbnb options in Huntsville, Alabama (2 more in the works) as we develop The Cottages at Pine Lake property and get the future on-site AirBnbs for that property up and running soon!

Currently, you can stay in the TaHOW 40-ft gooseneck Tiny Home on Wheels with large sleeping loft over the kitchen, deep soaking tub, comfortable living room with flat screen TV & electric fireplace or hang out up front in the additional work/relaxation room, also with TV & fireplace or live-edge corner work desk and get stuff done with our fiber internet service. I built this home for my wife and I and 2 dogs so it has lots of creature comforts and convenience items – a very “homely” tiny home (tastefully decorated by my wife :).

Want something smaller? What about off-grid? Try the spROCKET Tiny House, an 8×16 Incred-I-Box off-grid home with solar system, rain collection system, gas on-demand heater and waterless Seperatt toilet (don’t worry, water and power is hooked into the grid but those systems are on board if you want to see how they work!). Plus, it’s got a neat steam punk decoration that works perfect with the steel-panel construction. Visit for more details and for the individual links to book one of these tiny homes for your upcoming stay (or stay-cation if your a local! :).

Incredible Tiny House Order Request for “The Cottages at Pine Lake”

Fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you to get the rest of your information for your order


Tiny house questions

Stay tuned for the next update! It’s getting excited! #GoTinyBeFree !!

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