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What does $600/month buy you these days?

In this high-interest and continually inflationary world we live in today, what can you even get for $600 anymore?

Years ago, I remember when I could buy/lease a brand new car for $600/mo, which at the time seemed a good value: 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty with up to like 100,000 miles warranty for major components after that. Having the latest in technology and convenience plus reliability in that it was a new car (those are the reasons you buy a new car right?).

Gas to drive your car… Even here in Alabama, with gas prices much lower than other parts of the country like California where it may be double or more than what we pay here… it could easily cost you $600/mo in just gas to fuel your car to drive around town, go to work, run your errands and go to fun places on the weekend (especially if you drive a diesel!). Ok, that might be 3,000 miles a month here in Alabama but in California that might only be 1,500 miles a month (also depending on your driving habits and somewhat related to if you have that $600/mo car payment lol, with newer cars being more gas efficient supposedly…).

Day care used to be just $600/mo…haha. Wow what an expense that is now these days – that would be a deal today! Even for just 1 kid!

You used to be able to get the latest Iphone when it first came out I believe for around $600… Of course today that’s nearly doubled in price for a new Iphone, and that’s just the phone (not including actually using it for phone calls or the internet!

Communications & Media… Now take a couple of those cell phones, plus home internet service, your tv service like cable/satellite/YouTube TV, add in your netflix and a few other apps and bam, there’s another $600/mo…

Groceries… been to Costco lately? If you can get all your groceries for the month for less than $600… will you do my grocery shopping for me? What used to be $100 minimum trips to Costco for groceries now seems to be at least double, if not more on every single trip (for just food!).

Real Estate Taxes… my 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1100sf rental home real estate taxes each year used to only cost $600… of course that’s gone way up today…

Insurance for that same rental home was also about $600 at one point… no longer the case today…

HOA fees… These vary based on where you live (hopefully you don’t!), but a pretty average HOA fee is pretty close to $600 today in most neighborhoods (and almost every new subdivision pretty much has HOA fees these days)…

We already discussed groceries, but what about eating out? For most this is discretionary, but even still, just a few meals out a month for a couple and after taxes & the tip you’re up to $600 pretty quick… (Remember when a $6 burger was advertised as a premium burger? You can’t get even a fast food meal out for under $10 now these days it seems… “premium burger” or not!)…

So what’s my point with this article?

Things are expensive today, it takes a lot more dollars to buy the things that not even that long ago seemed so much cheaper…

But there’s one NEW thing in the works that will actually stretch your $600 out a lot further than you’d even think possible…

Living in an Incredible Tiny Home on Wheels at the New Huntsville-area Tiny Home Community under development: “The Cottages at Pine Lake!

Yes its true, for a fraction of what it would cost to live comfortably and conveniently any other way (see comparisons down below), you can happily live in a brand new Incredible Tiny House on Wheels with all the modern conveniences of modern living and tons of amenities.

This $600/mo is a rough estimate of the total monthly cost we estimate you could incur each month living at “The Cottages of Pine Creek”. Primarily that covers your $300/mo lot rent for the property/land you get to live on & utility hookups you get access to. The remaining conservative $250-$350/mo will cover your anticipated electric, water & sewer charges directly (individually metered, billed on your actual usage) but this also gives you full unrestricted access to the following exclusive amenities and benefits:

  • Reliable Fiber Internet: hi-speed Wi-Fi available property wide (individual accounts normally $80/mo + fees)
  • Regular trash removal services, several dumpsters on-site (trash removal usually around $25/mo +fees)
  • Mail service: mailbox center & package delivery area; “tiny” post office (Personal Mail Box Fees at a place like Mailpro for your own mailbox start at $20/mo)
  • Security: remote/keypad gated community, 24/7 security camera recordings of public areas, street lighting ($)
  • Fenced-in dog park, no pet fees ($25)
  • Grounds & Lake Maintenance: (hundreds $/mo)
  • 1-mile+ level walking trail around lake & property perimeter ($)
  • Clubhouse access & usage: “tiny” laundromat, “tiny” basic gym room, “tiny” lounge, on-site manager housing, covered & screened-in large front porch and open deck with Lake view in the background… ($)
  • Outdoor cooking & eating area & fire pits with chairs/benches ($)
  • Community gardens for vegetables, flowers and ornamentals ($)
  • Animal pens for community/resident-managed possible goats, chickens, rabbits, etc (TBD) ($)
  • Lake access for fishing, swimming, water-sports, and lounging, including a dock/deck with hammocks, chairs/sun chases/benches, etc ($)
  • Hot Tub(s) with lake view ($)
  • Pickle ball court(s) ($)
  • Premium forested lots & Premium water-front lots on edge of lake (priceless 😉
  • And much more… (Click here to learn more about the project’s development details)

And keep in mind, that $600 average is based on what we expect the average Tiny Home in the community could consume, again being very generous/conservative with our numbers (35 gallons of water/day & 11 kWh/day). If your utility consumption dropped in half, your total monthly bill with lot rent would be $450/mo, which is very doable.

Lastly, let’s compare costs of other types of housing, just for fun… 🙂

  • New Huntsville 1bdrm Apartment (they’re going in everywhere…): $1,178 or $1,482/mo + util
  • New Huntsville Studio Apartment: $1,178 (new promo price) + util
  • 3bdrm home rental: $1600/mo + util
  • 2bdrm Patio Home 650sf / 2bdrm Patio Home 800sf: $1,000/mo & $1,095/mo (+ util)
  • 1bdrm rental home in a questionable part of town: $800/mo + util
  • Old Huntsville apartment or remodeled multi-plex housing (Studio unit): $821/mo + util
  • Nearby RV Park Monthly Pad Rental: ($179 weekly x4 = ~$700/mo)
  • Next Closest RV Resort (with similar amenities): avg $35/day x30= $1,050/mo
  • New Park Model Home Community Lots for rent with Home Purchase: $116,500 home purchase + $450/mo lot rent + Util

So how far will $600 go these days?

With a New Incredible Tiny Home on “The Cottages at Pine Lake”, you can make it go pretty far, even in today’s world…


—–> Lots for new Incredible Tiny Homes are still available, click here to learn more about the Huntsville-area’s New Tiny Home Community “The Cottages at Pine Lake”

2 thoughts on “What does $600/month buy you these days?”

  1. VERY interested in Tiny Home living. Live & Taking care of my 84 yr old father….I only have a SSDI. I sooo want to this when I lose my Dad. Do you think it will be “doable” for me?

    1. I think this could be a great situation for you! This is kind like a retirement village, and a lot of people living here are also on fixed income. I hope that helps!

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