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What do visitors think? Onsite Q&A + tour at The Cottages at Pine Lake Tiny House Community Property to learn more about The Cottages at Pine Lake Tiny Home Community outside Huntsville, Alabama and our featured Incredible Tiny Homes for sale like the RJO tiny home as shown in the video.

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Questions asked in the video (and answered, with added images/video footage also):

From inside the 8×16 RJO:
Desk setup, Stool, Bay Window
Stocking fish?
Gardens? Chickens? Goats? (fresh veg, eggs, milk…)
County Water? Spring?
Price/Key Money Amount for Lots?
Homes on West side of lake? (sunset pic)
Phase 1 Lots for $10k still available? (or only $15k phase 2 lots?)
Can you swim in the lake? Beach area? Hot tub area?

Walking Guided Q&A Tour:
Number of Lots set aside for Rentals in front?
County was receiving $12k/yr from DHS when it was a zoo?? Why? (LOL)
Former Animal Stalls
Walking Trail around the lake/property perimeter
Tall pines
Dog park
Natural Spring
What if you need to sell your tiny house? (Community Marketplace)
(My suddenly not-so-shy daughter appearing… 🙂
Before and After (overgrowth, lake nearly dried up)
Touring/About the Phase 2 Lake lots (East side)
Parking pads, lot prep, lot personalization…
Likely no kids to live on the property
Golf carts?

Phase 1 lots
Laundromat, Club house, Lounge, parking
Severe Weather, Woodville Community Safe Room
4-lane highway direct to Huntsville (West), direct to Scottsboro (East)
Closest Grocerie stores
New Power poles, wires, transformer installed
Woodville stuff
Phase 1 parking
VA clinic nearby? (Yes, in Huntsville)
Lake lots vs Forest lots
North side of the lake
Hot Tub with a lake view spot
Placement of homes on north lake lots

Conclusion: Honest opinion; other thoughts, concerns?

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