“The Deets” on the $20,000 Tiny House

First of all, check your email for more important information regarding this $20,000 Tiny House on Wheels (called the Incred-I-Box) built by Randy Jones’ Incredible Tiny Homes company in Newport, TN.

I’m ready, I don’t need any more info, I’m ready to buy with the discount code!

If you’re ready to buy, and don’t need any more information, all you need is to enter this special code 0184 on the top right of your purchase contract in the Sales Rep ID# box, and you can save an additional $500 off the purchase of an 8×16 Incredibox Tiny Home on Wheels. Just click this link here to fill out the contract and purchase one (Cash, Check, Money Order/Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer only).

Don’t forget to put the 0184 code in at the top right next to your name. When you purchase with this code, I’ll also personally consult with you for up to 30 min to help answer your questions regarding hooking up your tiny house at your home site, additional options I recommend, and general tips on getting ready to live the Tiny Life: GoTinyBeFree! 🙂

Full Specs, Pics, Included Features & More

You can get more details as provided by the manufacturer / tiny house builder for this Incred-I-Box tiny house model on their webpage here; just remember you need the code 0184 in order to get that $500 savings to reduce your purchase price down to $19,500 (you can click on the link above in order to purchase, only way to buy, no automated online merchant services system yet): https://www.incredibletinyhomes.com/ith-incred-i-box-style-esp-tiny-home/

A few more things to note…

  • As of the date of this writing, there are only 3 variations of this 8×16 ESP production-line assembled Incred-I-Box Tiny House on Wheels. You are not able to customize this house prior to purchase in any other way as that would interrupt their ability to build these so economically and quickly and hence raise the price quite a bit. Here are the 3 variations of the build (may affect timeline of home production; I’ll list details of each further down below):
  1. 8×16 ESP Incred-I-Box (standard): $20,000 ($19,500 with 0184 discount code)
  2. 8×16 ESP Incred-I-Box with solar* & 5kw battery backup: $25,000 ($24,500 with 0184 discount code)
  3. 8×16 ESP Incred-I-Box Offgrid** setup: $30,000 ($29,500 with 0184 discount code)

*The Incred-I-Box with solar option comes with 4 roof-mounted 300-350 watt solar panels, an inverter, automatic transfer switch and 5kw of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, enabling you to live off solar (can add additional battery for $1800 if desired)

**The Incred-I-Box with Offgrid package includes the solar option above AND replaces water heater with propane tankless on-demand (and propane line with 1 propane tank, empty), replaces water-flush toilet with composting waterless Nature’s Head toilet, includes a rain gutter, 100 gallon fresh water storage tank with first-flush technology & a water filter & pump, and includes a gray water tank (for all house pipes to drain into).

  • To see what homes the factory is currently building, click this link here. As of the date of this writing, the factory is producing an average of 4 Incred-I-Boxes a day, 4 days a week. Due to the VIN numbers on contracts and extra capacity they sometimes can work in, there are also Grab-N-Go Incred-I-Boxes available where you can just pull up, provide signed contract & full payment and drive off with the tiny house, first come, first serve. Otherwise, your order will be assigned a number and you can see by which house they’re working on, when your home will be ready.
  • All other questions can be answered directly by Incredible Tiny Homes via the ITH contact page here.
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