The Next Real Estate Market Boom (It’s Not What You Think)

The Next Real Estate Market Boom is coming!  Want in?

Physical Real Estate ownership has long been sought after by those seeking to hold onto their wealth or grow it.

Schoff Global InvestmentsMyself personally, I’ve been involved in the physical real estate market in all different capacities over the years, from finance, fix-up and repair, remodeling, construction, development, investment, syndication, property and asset management and others.  So I know a thing or two about real estate :)…

However, the type of real estate market boom I’m talking about is something rather new.  It’s been around for a few years but still the masses are asleep to its potential, even to its existence, which is what creates this exciting opportunity and future boom as more and more people get exposed to it and catch on (like any real estate boom).

But this next real estate market boom I’m referring to is different.

First of all, at the moment its dirt cheap.  Which means many more people have the opportunity to get involved and profit from it.

It can create cash flow for you, you can wholesale it by improving it, increasing it’s value and “flipping it” to someone else so-to-speak.  Or you can also snatch up an important address (like a prime location) and sell that for a nice profit.  But the best thing is, there is no real upper end.  You can continue improving the asset and forcing the value up, generating more and more income from it – and one of my favorite aspects – there’s generally no banks involved!  And no insurance.  In fact, no property taxes either!

Have I gotten your attention yet??

So what exactly is this phenomenal real estate market I’m talking about?

Online Real Estate of course!  Have you got your address yet?

I’m serious about this.  The future is online.

If you don’t have a serious online real estate presence, you’re not only missing out, you’re becoming irrelevant.

Remember what a phone book was?  Many people do not anymore.  They are a thing of the past.  Just like newspapers and magazines are becoming a thing of the past as well.

online real estateWhat’s the first thing someone does when they hear about a company or product and they have an interest in it?  Do they pick up the phone?  Do they get in the car?  Do they search for a phone book?

No.  Just as you would, they pull out their phone or computer and search google to learn more about it.  And if you’re not online, you won’t show up in google (but your competitors probably will!).

And this is not just for businesses or organizations like non-profits or charities.  On a personal level you want to have a presence online.  You want to be in control of what people see when they search online right?  Would you want a potential business partner, employer, employee, mother-in-law, professor, political opponent, etc to see what may be out there online about you?

Or would you rather have a page – an address – that displays YOU for who you are and what you want to share with the world?  Facebook, twitter, youtube… these social media sites are always changing and display information about you how they choose, you have little control over that.  Granted those are great resources to use, but if you had your own online real estate – like a blog for example – that was YOUR address, your business’ name or your name or whatever, some place where you could direct someone that was just yours… Wouldn’t that be cool?

online real estate homeJust like we each have a physical address we live at, to be relevant today and going forward you really need to have an online address to.  Not just a physical mailing address (or online emailing address) but an actual HOME where people can find you, see what you’re up to, what you’re about and who you are.

Being able to stand out in this world with all the noise and distractions, its important that you have a special place like that online that separates you from everyone and everything else out there.  Everyone has a facebook profile or YouTube channel, etc.  But who has a blog that’s setup and customized the way YOU would want it to be, so that its uniquely yours?

That is the next coming online real estate boom.  Have you gotten your address yet?  Your online home (page)?  Don’t miss out on this boom…  You can get started here.

PS> Not all blogging platforms are created equal.  Check out my prior blog post about it here.

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