Timbercraft Tiny Homes for Sale in Huntsville/Guntersville, Alabama

Want to go TINY – but don’t feel you have the skills, time or patience to build a tiny house on wheels yourself?


Timbercraft Tiny Homes of Guntersville, Alabama

The highest-of-quality custom built Tiny Houses from as low as $45,000.

Doug Schroeder has been building homes for years and loves finishing work – and his tiny homes reflect that!  Now Doug specializes in building just tiny homes, from 16 feet long to as long as a 40 foot gooseneck.

Timbercraft Tiny Homes can build the entire house from start to finish for you, or you can have a finished shell built so you can customize the interior of the home yourself, and still get that accomplished feeling of having built something  of great value with your own two hands.

A tiny house is a very personal, something you have to customize to meet your needs and lifestyle.

The sky is the limit on how one can customize their Tiny Home. Customization is one of the highest priorities Timbercraft Tiny Homes aims to satisfy when you make the decision to have them build your Tiny House. Here are but a few items that are easily customizable:

Why Hans Schoff & GoTinyBeFree endorse Timbercraft Tiny Homes

I will have spent about 1,000 hours or so building my monster 40+ foot tiny house on wheels.  And in the process of building and creating tiny house communities, or hosting tiny house events, invariably I always get the question “how much does a tiny house on wheels cost?” or “is your tiny house for sale?  Where can I buy a tiny house on wheels?“…

And until now, I didn’t have a good response, because I’m building my tiny house on wheels as a showcase and as my personal home on wheels; and to be honest, building a tiny house is not for everyone.  It is a huge commitment, a sacrifice and a good deal of work, time and energy…

So I needed to come up with a good solution for people who also want to go TINY to be free, but didn’t want to build a tiny house themselves (which I believe is a great way to go if you can do it, but by all means it shouldn’t keep you from going Tiny in case you can’t, don’t want to, etc)…

Then I met Doug and saw some of the Tiny Houses he had created.  I was blown away…

Not only is the pricing lower than most any other tiny house builder I’ve come across, he builds an extremely high quality house with an incredible finish that you just can’t get from most tiny house builders across the country at even higher prices.

“In all honesty, had I known about Timbercraft Tiny Homes before I started building, I would have just commissioned him to build my house for me.”

Tiny House on Wheels Price Info

The price of a tiny house on wheels varies widely and there are many variables that affect it. Timbercraft Tiny Homes aims to price competitively and yet deliver more features and a better quality finish than the average tiny home builder.

There are some very good builders out there but there are many are jumping in to make a quick buck off of a hot “new trend”.

To give you a glimpse into the cost of building a Tiny House on wheels, let me provide some rough numbers on costs that go into building a tiny house on wheels:


Finished Timbercraft Tiny Homes vary typically from $45,000 to as high as $95,000 and beyond for a large, top end custom build.

How to Buy a Timbercraft Tiny Home

To purchase a Timbercraft Tiny Home, a $500 deposit is required to get on the list.  There may be a 6-24 month wait time.   You will receive a phone call to discuss your particular needs, ideas and plans for your tiny house.  Half of the projected cost will be due prior to the start of the build and the remaining half will be collected upon delivery (delivery available across the continuous 48 states, possibly Alaska as well).

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