Tiny House Build – Work Day 1 – Preparing Trailer for Underside Flashing

It has begun!

However, I’m sending the trailer back to the trailer dealer so they can flash the whole underside of the trailer and paint it to keep the elements out from under my house as I drive and while stationary as well as give the spray foam something to spray to (subfloor OSB will be installed directly on top of the steel cross-members, maximizing my vertical interior height in my tiny house).

More details on my tiny house build at https://gotinybefree.com

Thanks for watching – what did you think of my video?

Let me know in the comments below (a little shaky, I know… lol).

I appreciate you!

– Hans Schoff


PS> Interested in the Tiny House Lifestyle but don’t know how to finance a Tiny House build?  This video and blog post may help…

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