Tiny House Communities

Got a tiny house on wheels and looking for a nice place to park it so you can actually live in it?  

Even if you have a tiny house on wheels, doesn’t mean you can live in it! 

You actually can’t just run some power and hoses to it and start sleeping in a tiny house – even if you OWN or have rights to use the property its on.  In all honesty, it can be a little tricky finding a place that will allow you to live in your tiny house on wheels – those same non-traditional freedom advantages of mobility, affordability, lack of any building code enforcement, etc also limits where you can reside in one.  

Most cities in fact will NOT let you live in a tiny house legally.  For those that do, its usually only limited to certain rare areas where the zoning will allow such residency, and that’s also assuming the infrastructure is in place to accommodate this type of housing.  That’s why typically, unless you have some land out in the country with laxed building codes and infrastructure setup – or you’re setup for off-grid – most people find a tiny house community their best bet for living in tiny house on wheels.  

In Huntsville, Alabama we have one such tiny house community with a few remaining spots for a couple more “tiny housers” seeking a longer term residency (12 months or longer).  

This property includes the following amentities with a $600 monthly lot lease fee (minimum 12 month lease; lease subject to approval):

  • 30 amp & 50 amp power hookups (first $50 usage included with lot lease fee)
  • fresh water hookups (unmetered; assumes typical use)
  • gray water hookups (no black water, ie, regular flushing toilets not allowed unless separate black water tank emptied offsite)
  • high-speed, strong wifi internet service
  • shared mailbox for letters, etc
  • shared trash can (weekly service) & recycling can (monthly service)
  • 2x 5×10 mini storage units to store anything (non-hazardous) that won’t fit in your tiny house (
  • 1 parking spot
  • grass cutting around your tiny house and green spaces
  • access to raised vegetable garden (fresh peppers, tomotoes, basil, strawberries, rosemary, oregano, etc; seasonal, depends on weather conditions)

Be sure to follow the gotinybefree facebook page for the latest news and info as well here.

East Huntsville, Alabama

East Albuquerque, New Mexico

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