Tiny House Communities

Looking to buy a tiny house on wheels but need a nice place to park it – so you can actually live in it?  

Just because you have a tiny house on wheels, doesn’t mean you can live in it! 

You actually can’t just run some power and hoses to it and start sleeping in a tiny house – even if you OWN or have rights to use the property its on.  In all honesty, it can be a little tricky finding a place that will allow you to live in your tiny house on wheels; those same non-traditional freedom advantages of mobility, affordability, lack of any building code enforcement, etc also limits where you can reside in one.  

Most cities in fact will NOT let you live in a tiny house legally. 

For those that do, its usually only limited to certain rare areas where the zoning will allow such residency, and that’s also assuming the infrastructure is in place to accommodate this type of housing.  That’s why typically, unless you have some land out in the country with laxed building codes and infrastructure already setup, or you’re setup for off-grid – most people find a tiny house community their best bet for living in a tiny house on wheels.  

What are the benefits of living in a tiny house community? What kind of amenities can you expect?

There are many benefits to living in a tiny house community. The main being that once you’re approved for a spot/lot, you typically are able to bring your home in, level it and hook up utilities and you’re now living Tiny!

Of course, there is a cost associated with having everything “done for you”:

  • finding suitable land (with the funding to purchase it)
  • getting approval and permits (and paying the fees and property taxes!) to the authorities to live Tiny
  • liability insurance
  • developing amenities for residents
  • putting in the infrastructure; acquiring the correct materials, working with the utilities, subcontractors and lots of heavy machinery to get infrastructure in place:
    • roads, tiny home lots, vehicle parking pads, street lights
    • water, power, septic/sewer, gas/propane, internet
    • mail facilities, trash facilities, laundry, outdoor cooking/grilling facilities
    • pet area
    • typically some kind of public space or club house or gathering area
    • security (cameras, gates, fences, access codes)
    • additional storage or garage space or a shed or decking, etc
    • communal vegetable gardens to grow your own food
    • storm drainage/run off control, landscaping, grounds maintenance
    • etc…

It’s not uncommon for this monthly “lot rent” or lease to be as high as $1200 or more in places and with zero vacancy & waiting lists (but more commonly $700-$900/mo) – and sometimes utilities can be on top of that (though normally at least some are included at the higher ends).

Because of the high cost and financial risks involved with developing land (especially in the last few years with prices going up and up), it’s also common to pay “key money”, or an access fee of sorts to secure the rights to that lot for a period of time (like a 1 or 2 year lease for example, at which point you could end the lease or continue to renew annually). This key money can sometimes be $10,000 to $15,000 or more depending on the attractiveness & quality of the community, with some of the more difficult and remote properties charging as much as $30,000 (just so you can be aware of that ahead of time).

Tiny Home Communities and Tiny Home Villages, collaborated by GoTinyBeFree

Since 2015, building my first tiny house on wheels, I’ve worked towards my mission of helping facilitate tiny homes and freedom, and bringing forward Tiny Home Communities and Tiny Home Villages is a big part of that mission! Below you will find more information about some of these properties we’ve created or collaborated on:

East Huntsville, Alabama (Rocket City, AL)!

In Huntsville, Alabama we have our original “tiny” tiny house community with views of the backside of Monte Sano and very quick direct access to highway 72, just minutes from downtown Huntsville, featuring my original Tiny Home Build, the TaHOW (currently available for stays on AirBnb). Only a few remaining spots for a couple more “tiny housers” seeking a longer term residency (12 months or longer; no black water hookups – gray water systems only currently)…  

For more information on this property, click here

The Cottages at Pine Lake (15 min East of Huntsville)

Outside Huntsville, Alabama – halfway to Scottsboro, AL, surrounded by the start of the Appalachian foothills in the countryside – we have our new Tiny Home Community being developed for up to 54 Tiny Homes on Wheels: “The Cottages at Pine Lake.” A beautiful 7-acre property with a 3-acre natural-spring-fed lake with the east side of the property covered in 75-100ft mature Southern Pine Trees, featuring up to 34 water-front lots on the lake and 20 premium forest lots.

This property will have some Short-Term-Rental-type / AirBnb Tiny Homes you can stay in at the front of the property, and then a separate Private section of the property in the back for long term residents.

Lot rent includes WiFi, trash service, mail service, parking for 1 vehicle next to your tiny house on wheels, water/sewer/power hookups (individually metered & billed), remote security gates, with access to the lake, 1/3 mile walking trail, dog park, outdoor cooking & social areas, clubhouse w/ tiny gym, laundromat & lounge, and much more.  

For more information on this property, click here

East Albuquerque, New Mexico

In East Albuquerque, New Mexico we have another such property available, currently undergoing expansion due to the large demand for spaces out there. On the backside of Albuquerque mountain, this beautiful property is nestled along groves of pine nuts tree which can be harvested and consumed as well…

For More details, click here

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