New Tiny Micro Wind Turbine Technology for Off-grid Living, 24-7 Power Generation, Backup Battery Charging

Are you running off Micro Wind Turbine Power yet?  If not, why not?

No doubt you are familiar with solar power (PV solar panels) as a means for living off grid, and generating power in a green, regenerative way.  But the truth is, solar power isn’t quite there yet for most people and most common needs/applications…

First of all, with solar, its rather complicated and difficult having to not only install multiple large panels generally on your roof but also wire them together in series or parallel or series parallel… having to figure out what voltage is coming and going… and of course hoping your roof is large enough for the number of panels you’ll inevitably need to install to go “off grid.”

Also, best case on a really sunny day when there are no clouds, in the middle of the summer when the sun is overhead you can expect to get 6 mean hours of sunlight.  In other words, you can produce power for 6 of the 24 hours in a day or 1/4 of the day so you’ll need 4 times as many solar panels to produce the power you actually use all day.

All this amounts to a lot of money, a large footprint and space needed to install and really, not much power generation considering the resources involved and the output…

But if you want to go off-grid with renewable or clean energy, what other options do you have?

Well, until now, all you really had was solar PV (photo voltaic panels), hydroelectric (which requires access to a flowing stream nearby) or a very expensive, bulky, heavy, obtrusive triple-blade fan on a really tall pole (eye sore and dangerous)…

If only there was a smaller, more powerful, lighter, quieter, less vibrational and cheaper wind power generating device…

Introducing the Brand New MicroCube – A state-of-the-art Micro Wind Turbine

Producing power from as little as 1.5 mph, this 9 inch x 9 inch x 9 inch MicroCube wind generator that weighs less than 10 pounds can produce as much as 1 kW (1,000 watts) of power, 24/7 designed for 25 years of use.  That’s a whole lot of power production from a very small foot print!

Designed and built right here in Huntsville, Alabama The high efficiency comes from the unique, multiple airfoil design, which captures a high level of wind flow. This unique multiple airfoil and pitch design was borrowed from the blade design of jet engines.   this brand new technology takes after jet engine design and function in order to produce so much power so efficiently and in such a small (tiny) package.

The MicroCube is available as in the pictures of the prototype above with a tail (unit in production is even sleeker with new design and 2 interchangeable tails – see colorful rendering down below) or as a cube (hence the name MicroCube), units that can be stacked side by side, on top of each other and even 5 units deep to create a “wind wall” for larger applications (or commercial, industrial, etc).

Typically, wind turbines experience a loss of around 30% of the power they produce whereas this unit is so efficient it loses only 7%!  All its components are sealed and enclosed inside its tiny frame, generators, converters, inverters and all, capable of producing 3-phase AC power or DC power with a simple plug on the back of the unit (for the cube, or integrated into the pole if  not the cube version).

Here’s the power production capabilities of this tiny but powerful wind power generation device:

Imagine the possibilities for a device like this!

It is so small, so light, yet so simple and so powerful!  Here’s some more neat facts…

The MicroCube & MicroSphere is:

  • Comprised of 11 blades within a shrouded cover that harness a greater cross section of the wind entering the turbine and multiple generators to increase the overall energy efficiency output of the wind turbine
  • Quiet by design. The decibel noise level is only 40db
  • Built from environmentally friendly materials and processes (3D printing and/or Injection Molding)
  • Easy to maintain by individuals with limited electrical knowledge
  • Easy to assemble
  • Repairable with interchangeable parts
  • Stackable in 3 dimensions (X, Y & Z, where Z is along the central axis of the wind turbine)
  • Versatile with its plug and play connector (AC and DC connector); owner can select what power output they want or need

Production of these Micro Wind Turbines has just begun.

If you’d like more information or want to get your hands on either the MicroCube or MicroSphere (or more), I’ll update this post with more information over time, but for now just click here to CONTACT us now.

Wind power has never been so exciting and so realistically attainable as it now it is, thanks to the technology of the MicroCube.

As soon as I have the MicroCubes installed on my TaHOW Tiny House, I’ll provide a full demo of these wind turbine power generation units, how they work, how simple they are and of course how powerful they are.  Stay tuned for more!

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