What is a Tiny House? Tiny Home Living Defined

What is a Tiny House?  

If you have yet to get caught up in the Tiny House movement and want to know what all the fuss is about, let me share with you in the following videos what exactly the Tiny House movement and Tiny Home Living is all about.

If you prefer graphics and stats, you can click here to see this cool infographic about the Tiny House movement, but first let me introduce you to what is a Tiny House and share with you a little bit about my story and why the Tiny House movement has really moved me…

Tiny Home Living Defined – What is a Tiny House?

So now that you know what is a Tiny House, let me share with you some of the many advantages of Tiny Home Living and what it can help you do away with, which can reduce your monthly costs significantly freeing up more money for other more important things…

Tiny Home Living – how the Tiny House Movement can help you cut costs & increase your disposable income

But does Tiny Home Living mean that I would have to cut back, settle and live less?

On the contrary!  The Tiny House movement is all about creating more freedom in your life, more possibilities, more opportunities, more mobility and a higher quality of life, NOT less!  Here’s what I mean…

What is a Tiny House?  Mobility, Convenience and Freedom

More on the Tiny House Movement – Is Tiny Home Living for you?

Do you think tiny home living is for you?  It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.

So let me share with you my tiny house plan – what I’m going to do to join and become part of this exciting tiny house movement, what it means to me and the impact on my life it will have…

My Tiny House Plan for freedom and a higher quality of life

So now what do you think?

Do you GET IT?

If not, let me know in the comments down below so I can try to fill in any remaining gaps.

Maybe its for you, maybe it’s not.  Maybe its for you just not right now.  Maybe you know someone who this would be GREAT for (share this with them if you do!).

Either way, whatever way, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this cool trend (not a fad – it’s here to stay!).

I appreciate you and look forward to reading your comments down below!

– Hans Schoff

Hans mobile office

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13 thoughts on “What is a Tiny House? Tiny Home Living Defined”

  1. I don’t get it, but I live in Kansas. I bought my first house for under $100,000. But my brother lives near San Francisco and he probably understands this concept a little better. he couldn’t buy a shack for under $100,000.

    • Hey Craig, it’s not just about the price, though even the most expensive custom-built tiny houses on wheels max out around $65,000, but most I’ve sen are between $20,000 and $30,000. It’s more about the freedom and mobility that living in a Tiny House can give you. Again, you can get a 2,000sf home here in Huntsville brand new for $100,000 in places as well – but what does that buy you? Just space, vinyl, cheap carpet and walls, a monthly mortgage payment, real estate taxes, insurance and the upkeep and cleaning of all that space. What if you could live twice, three times or more as well in a space that costs 1/3 to 1/4 as much and really live? That’s what the Tiny House movement is about: freedom, mobility and lifestyle! Thanks for your comment!

    • Thanks Amy. It’s a huge grass roots movement taking place and apparently Colorado is one of the more difficult places (laws, zoning, etc) to live that way. But I’m trying to change that! More to come on that topic soon… Thanks for your comment!

    • Regina, definitely. People are building them everywhere and much more inexpensively – what’s there not to like? More time, freedom and mobility! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Great post Hans! after watching and reading about tiny house I think tiny living is for me! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Hey Jordania, we are looking to build Tiny House communities around the US so people can live this incredible, freeing lifestyle. Just go here to get more information and stay up to date. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Very interesting. Just bought 50 acres in Colorado and want something like this to spend weekends in till our house is built. Thanks!

    • Hey John, a Tiny House may be a great way to go! Then when your house is built you’ve got your home away from home that you can take on the road with you to the beach or the coasts or to visit other friends and family – or have a guest house, ready to go.

  4. I think it is a great idea 🙂 I am planning a move in the next few months. My home will not be bigger then a tiny home but due to the location we chose to live I would not be able to drive a vehicle in to at the moment. No I’m not traveling but downsizing my living and foot print is exactly what I want. I’m tired of collecting stuff that ends up only in my way. I don’t need 5 recliners. If I want to be lazy I can lounge in bed. I don’t spend much time in most of my home anyhow and it seems the more space I have the longer I can go between doing a tidy. Thus more work when I do stop my life to clean. I don’t know why I have enough dishes to feed an army when we usually gather at a restaurant when friends and family visit anyhow. No I don’t need my fine china or trendy stoneware. I need function over fashion! I don’t want to get all uptight if someone brakes a glass or plate. I want to enjoy instead of worry over material items. I want to spend more time enjoying my husband and children then laboring over items that don’t even mean more to me then prestige. Bring on the simple life with good food, nice wine and wanted company! Out with the high maintenance image that doesn’t even suit me.

    • Jamie, I couldn’t have stated it better. Thanks for sharing your situation and your perspective, I know a lot of people will get value from that. I think the “function over fashion” comes pretty close to summing it up!

  5. I have been thinking about tiny house living for quite awhile now. Your not crazy. I had a four bedroom home and was a slave to cleaning, yard work and everything else that goes with home ownership. Now I want to go tiny to become debt free and have more money for retirement. Since the world is changing at such a fast pace and I’m not sure where we will all end up, I decided I better begin sooner than later. I love to travel to any beach, and I can do that by living more simple. I am happy to say that I don’t usually have a lot of attachment to items; however, I love my clothes and shoes. I can really do without most things. I always say that I would rather enjoy the journey than to have a ton of regret. You only pass this way once and there are no do overs. Enjoy the journey. My cons for tiny house living is the lack of knowledge, so I am researching things from the ground up. I have concerns on where to park my tiny home once finished. It seems to be an issue, especially since I work in one location and just want to downsize and live simpler. I believe that is the hardest part. I’m excited about how my life will change over the next few years and how much brighter and how much freedom I will have in the future. Best of luck and keep posting, you have great ideas for the rest of us. Thanks


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