Why the American Dream should die

Is the American Dream dead?

I believe it is, or at least that it should be – the OLD American Dream that is.

This supposed dream that you and I have been sold on as Americans – and even those around the world – that we should strive for, desire and at virtually all cost each HAVE the large fancy multi-bedroom, multi-bathroom spacious home (whether we need it or not)…

 My American Dream Experience

A few years ago in my late 20’s I thought I had finally achieved the American Dream – a 4,980 square foot home with 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a 3-car garage, swimming pool, hot tub and hefty HOA fees for access to the community amenities.  Wow, must have been nice you’d think right?

Sure, it was nice…

That is until the monthly bills came in.

  • ~$4,000 mortgage payment
  • ~$400 utility payment (3 HVAC units, 2 fireplaces, 2 water heaters, pool & hot tub)
  • ~$3,000 annual real estate payment (In other states, this payment would be 2-3 times as much)
  • ~$200/mo for landscaping
  • ~$300/mo for insurance
  • ~$600/year for HOA fees (whether we used the facilities or not)
  • (I think you get the picture)

…And these expenses don’t include the random repairs and maintenance of the 3 large HVAC systems, 2 water heaters, pool, spa, etc, or the costs (or time) to keep the house clean.  Even with just me, 2 dogs and my wife at the time, we would spend at least one day each weekend just keeping the place clean!  Can you relate to any of this?

It was insane.

I was a slave to the bank and a slave to the house.  If I wasn’t working on repairing something around the house or coordinating with someone else to do it or service or clean something, I was stressing about paying the bills or worrying about some other aspect of the home.  It got old very quick!  As nice of a home as it was – and it was very nice – it just wasn’t worth it.  Trying to keep up with the Jones’ lost its appeal very quickly, but I was stuck paying for it each month…

For me, I realized that the American Dream I had been sold on had become the American Nightmare!

Does this mean you or I can’t have a nice house?  No.

Does this mean you or I can’t live well?  No.

Does this mean that you or I are better off renting a home (vs owning one) so that the landlord takes responsibility for the majority of the expenses to maintain a home?  I don’t believe so, No.  In fact, it is just the opposite of these assumptions.  There is a solution that I’m working on that will solve the majority of these issues and create real freedom from the hassles and expense of traditional home ownership while allowing you and I to live even greater, richer, and happier …

Introducing the New American Dream Project – coming soon!

Is the American Dream dead? The New American Dream Project

I’m on a mission to set people free from this lie and to help them live the New American Dream founded on sound/prudent economics (not the overspending, living above your means to impress the neighbors philosophy) and the ability to live free (and specifically, mortgage-free).

It’s an ambitious project I am just beginning but one that I feel will recreate the meaning behind American Dream.  A project that will directly impact about 25 Americans, but a model that will be able to recreated around the country and the world that will empower and free Americans just like you and me to live happier, more rewarding, more fulfilling lives and with more disposable, spendable income to boot.

To learn more and stay up to date with the latest on this project and how YOU may be able to participate in it, just enter your information in the form here and I’ll keep you posted with the latest news and information- just click here now.

I appreciate you.

– Hans Schoff

Hans mobile office

(From the road in Colorado, in my mobile office 🙂

9 thoughts on “Why the American Dream should die”

  1. I can so relate Hans! Most of us were sold a bill of goods about what the American Dream is supposed to look like then we find ourselves trapped. Breaking free and showing others how to do the same is Priceless. Great post!

    • It was a trap, I’ll perhaps create another blog post about why we were sold the old American Dream (and who’s dream it really was for us all to fall into the trap…) but in knowing there is a way out, a way we can still achieve the real American Dream of freedom is empowering and exciting. More on that to come soon!

  2. Hey Hans a great post and I agree that the American Dream should die, the old that is also. You did a great job of stating some nice facts that one can relate to, with sharing your experience with your own home and the cost associated with it. but you also touch on a different and better way and hate the video that is coming soon, where I clicked it just to see if it was real or not that was great looking forward to seeing that video.

    • Hey Dan, lol. That wasn’t actually my intention, you can credit YouTube for that one. Guess YouTube wanted to add some suspense and keep you from seeing that video. It is a short intro to what is coming. You can find it on my YouTube channel if you like at http://youtube.com/hanstheschoff – thanks!

  3. This is an interesting concept — eager to hear more about it. Many years ago — probably before you were born — in the 70s, there was a movement to live off the grid. Of course it didn’t spread very far because of our value on consumerism. Will go to your youtube channel to see the video.

    • Hey Carol, glad to hear from you. The Off-grid is movement is picking up again as well; These Tiny House on Wheels setups can make it very doable to go off-grid and require no 3rd party electric, plumbing or sewage services. Another great way to save some money and be even more free!


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